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Sansa Stark

Some 5 minute animal drawings. Also a new sketchbook :D

some quick gestures tonight 
made a GIF, wee
This happened at #Disneyland this weekend, pretty cute
Some doodles, also another earthquake, weeee
Background I’ve been working on for a thing.

Background Design Resources


My Neighbor Totoro


Goldimouse and the Three Cats


Samurai Jack, Season 4, Episode 1


Stevens Universe


Animation Backgrounds & Concept Art

Classical Artwork

The Hudson River School

Some Basics:

Color Theory & Design

Color Generators

Tutorials & Online Classes: (Digital Painting For Beginners)

Read more

According to that facebook “what would your superhero name be” thingy (that seems to be shared by everyone and their mother on my newsfeed), I am The Pink Mouse, and my boyfriend is The Red Beer. Well, then. Now we know. 

Cartoon Network Announces Programming for 2014-2015 Upfront Season - Toon Zone News

Cartoon Network has revealed its schedule for its 2014-2015 upfront season, and the list of new cartoons is huge and star-studded.

Update on the show I’m currently working on! The Tom and Jerry Show! Wee! Also, check out the link for all the other awesome shows coming to Cartoon Network! 

EDIT: First Look on Entertainment Weekly 

Tools for Drawing Hands

…because it’s tricky.


Links/Tutorials: - How to Draw Hands—vector-21315 - Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw Cartoon Hands Drawing Hands  <The holy grail of hand reference

Timed Pose References 

Handy Art Reference Reference Tool - App - $1.99

Hand and Feet Practice - Free/Donation

Read more added some more resources! :) Now there are timed expression poses, hands and feet! 

Doodle of my favorite dress from the #oscars on Sunday. Lupita Nyong&#8217;o looked great :)